The UNC League

Pool for the Players

The UNC League is a locally and independently run 9-Ball League with cash payouts at the end of every session. Start a team with your friends and start making some money from your favorite sport. Why play for a trophy or jacket when you can win cash to buy yourself a jacket and still have cash left.


Modified WPA Format

Only slightly

I basically downloaded the WPA rulebook, removed sections that didn't apply or I didn't agree with, fixed some grammatical and spelling errors and added a few things. I started this project so long ago, I'm not 100% on every single change at this very moment, but it's nothing crazy.

Handicap system

I made it up

I'm kind of a geek and have a love for all things maths. I have a super long formula that calculates your skill level based on; your points earned, innings, safeties, timeouts, your advantage/disadvantage against your opponent and more.


They will be given

The first session will consist of (hopefully) 5 teams. The top 3 placing teams will receive some monies. The MVP for the session will also receive a bonus so let's not sandbag, people. Running a league is neither cheap nor easy. After taking out 10% for league operation costs, administrative costs and supplies; 90% of all money paid in will be paid back out to the players. NINETY PERCENT. That's 90% more than any league I've ever played in.

Play schedule

Be there or be square

Matches will be played every Monday night in The River Bottom. Play will begin at 6pm and hopefully be wrapped up by 9pm.

Style of Play

Everyone vs. Everyone

Leave the strategy at home

All 5 players from one team will play 2 racks against all 5 players from the other team. The home team will put up each player in succession and they will play all their racks against the away players. Lag for the first break, loser breaks the second rack.

Push outs

We have them

After the break (provided no foul was committed), the next player to take their shot has the option to call a "Push Out". The rules pertaining to hitting the wrong ball first and no rail after contact are suspended for the shot. The approaching player gets to decide who will take the next shot.

Jump Shots

Have at it

Jump shots will be permitted, provided they are taken the "proper" way. This means, no "scooping" the ball; jump shots must be made with a large amount of downward masse. A jump cue is recommended, but not required.

Team Setup

Size doesn't always matter

Teams will consist of 5 main players and 2 (optional) subs. Subs do not need to pay entry and will take the place of a main player. If you're short a main player and cannot get a sub to appear, one player may shoot twice in one night.



Read it

Players are required to know all rules of play. Ignorance is not an excuse. Just because you didn't know a rule doesn't mean you get a pass.


It's nice

Check out what the scoresheet will look like and how you'll be marking those points. As of right now, this is still in the works, the final version will be a bit different.

Member Signup Form

Gotta start somewhere

Teams will consist of 5 players and 2 subs. Must be 18 and have a valid form of I.D. Two signup sheets per page to save them trees.